faux or hand carve rock

Artificial faux rock pool waterfalls are made in place at your home. From scratch to finish AquaRock artist will work using the best materials with the purpose of creating a unique and spectacular rock waterfall for your swimming pool. In some cases artificial rock construction is the only or preferred option to achieve the look of the tropics to your back yard with out the use of heavy machinery that can damage your driveway or backyatd 


Natural rock

 AquaRock Real natural rocks are pulled from the ground, rivers and oceans where they have laid for years since delivered to the valley some thousands of years ago from earth movements. In most cases real rocks are cut to feat your swimming pool area for the purpose of enhancing the natural look to your pool and landscapes around it. With this rocks AquaRock can build can build from small waterfalls to large ones, gtottos, and caves. Worn by time, weathered by wind and rain rocks plus  water have the ability to transform a simple pool into a swimming pool resort oasis 

Humans are naturally drawn to the sounds of water cascading over the edge of rocks surfaces by adding a pool waterfall to your pool you and your family will feel drawn to come out and find reasons to come out and spend time together in an area that use to be sad and bored .



Swimming pool waterfalls

AquaRock pool rock waterfalls will add an effect of drama to an otherwise mundane inground pool . In addition to the form and style of a typical pool itself. The location of your pool and the surrounding landscape can play a factor in desiding which type of AquaRock waterfall best matches the swimming pool. Waterfalls can connect your pool and back yard , add a touch of nature while making something very unnatural or make the horizon indistinguishable from the pool itself

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SWIMMING  ​​Pool  grottos and  rock watefalls Caves 

       How to hand carve pool waterfalls and grottos