SWIMMING  ​​Pool  grottos and  rock watefalls Caves 

       How to hand carve pool waterfalls and grottos




The tropical islands are a favorite getaway for most people, and when come back home, they want to recreate the oasis experience found on the sand beaches of the Caribbean or the Pacific, complete with rock waterfalls and caves grottos hidden spots under big waterfalls and rock slides. As a result, AquaRock pool waterfalls designers are seeing a greater demand for lagoon looking pools or usually call free form in style, these pools are great starting foundations for recreating your new backyard oasis with waterfalls form from natural or faux rock.

The amazing water rock features add a feel  of nature and enchantment while also bringing the perfect harmony to a backyard setting. Whether created from natural rock or fake rock they will transform an ordinary sad pool into a mystical backyard oasis that is far from regular pool. .Some swimming pool owners choose small, gently flowing waterfalls, while others go wild and big with grottos and cascades like the one above. 


GROTTOS - slides 

 Today, is not uncommon to find to find home backyards that include custom  pools, pool waterfalls, grottos, mini golf courses like the ones in our pools and waterparks, with water rock slides and lazy rivers. indoor or out, many of this amazing swimming pools and back yards rival the best showcase by popular amusement parks and luxury resorts.

Before developing a cutting-edge recreational swimming pool, please consider all that is required to create your tropical oasis. Working with a talented and skill swimming pool waterfall and rock scape designer and builder, with AquaRock you are in good hands.  

Swimming pool rock waterfalls


Natural rock waterfalls grottos are one of the ultimate features to add to an in ground swimming pool. Imagine sitting underneath a natural pool grotto with water cascading in front of you. AquaRock pool waterfalls in Tampa and Orlando built each and every pool grotto from concrete. The rocks and stones look and feel real for the quality that are customers deserve 

A natural look rock grotto will have a large rock on top faux or natural rock with a bench that looks like a swim out are with out and the water will fall in front of your eyes. The size of these grotto range from 3' which is for one person to sit underneath or a 5' which allows tree or more able to seat . So for more the ultimate in a rock pool waterfall feature.please talk to your AquaRock pool grotto design consult in Tampa and Orlando Florida at 800.750.2514